Kikoy Fabric

The Kikoy cloth dates back to the first century AD, worn by Arab traders. Over the years Kenyan fisherman and the East Africans integrated the Kikoy fabric as part of their traditional dress because of its comfortable nature in tropical climates. We love the stunning, happy, vibrant colours and each product (some completely unique to TOTO and HOME) has been designed not just to brighten up your life but is made by hand and helps Kenyan women to create a better life for themselves.

The Kikoy fabric that we use for our products is made in Nairobi (Kenyan capital city) in a small factory, where the man in charge of the factory floor knows each fabric colour ‘by heart’ and can tell you at any moment whether the one you’d like is in stock at that moment and huge rolls are stacked up around you when you visit.

Couldn’t you too just fall in love with all the different colours and combinations?