Toto&Home was started in Spring 2015 by sisters Lizzie Grounds and Kate Brunswick and we welcome you to our beautiful products.

When Lizzie moved to Kenya in 2013, we were introduced to kikoy.  We both fell in love with the happy, vibrant cotton fabric and the fabulous towels, dresses, shorts, trousers and other products, all made from kikoy in Kenya.  We had never seen them before and so we also wanted to share them with people in the UK.

We also loved the fact that each item is hand-made, completely unique and we are helping many Kenyan women support their families by purchasing them.  Esther is just one of several ladies who help us to make the lovely things for Toto&Home.

The word ‘toto’ comes from the Kiswahili for child ‘mtoto’ and is the name we have given to our bestselling towelling-lined, kikoy hoodie, which we designed as a practical, cosy extra layer for our own children.

With all this in mind, we are grateful to you for purchasing our products and bringing happy colours and clothes to your world too.

Lizzie Grounds

Lizzie lives in Kenya and sources, creates and sends the fabulous products to the UK.

Kate Brunswick

Kate lives in the UK, has 3 boys and holds sales and markets from home, locally and further afield.